What is the difference between all of your different bikini services?

Let’s start with the Bikini wax, and build from there; this service removes any hair that would show outside of a bathing suit bottom.  

The Partial Brazilian removes this, along with as little or as much off the front as you’d like.  

The Full Brazilian will include bikini line, front (again, as little or as much as you want), and a bottom strip (removal of the hair between the cheeks).  

The Brazilian, Tummy and Derrière wax would include all of the above, along with the tummy strip (right around your belly button) and full bottom hair removal. 

The Big Question: Does waxing hurt?

Yes, but not in the horrible, unbearable way most people think!  The first time you wax you will be the most sensitive, but the next time gets a little better, then even better the next time after that.  We will be using hard wax for our body waxing services, which is gentler because it is allowed to cool completely before removal, so it doesn’t grip the skin like soft wax.  There is no bandaid-like ripping effect; this wax is so gentle that we could wax the same area three times in a row with no irritation to the skin.  In all of the time that I have been an esthetician, I have never had a client leave in the middle of a waxing service.  It only lasts the second that it takes to pull up the wax, and after that most people don’t experience sensitivity for more than a day.  

What are the benefits of waxing, rather than shaving or using a “Nair”-type product?

Waxing removes the hair from the follicle completely, whereas a razor or hair removal cream will only remove the exposed part of the hair.  Think of it like this: imagine that each hair is like a tree.  The older the tree and the longer the roots are left alive, the thicker and tougher it becomes.  But if you pull up the entire tree, roots and all, you’ll have to start all over with a sapling, which will not only take longer to grow back, but will be much smaller and easier to manage.  This is why waxing becomes less painful over time, because the hair becomes finer and it doesn’t irritate the skin nearly as much as removing a bunch of coarse hair.  Shaving and hair removal creams not only cause burns and long-lasting irritations, but they encourage more rapid hair growth and coarser hair overall.  Also, after shaving or using a hair removal cream, you’ll often need to shave again in a day or two; waxing will keep you soft and smooth for much much longer!

How long does it take for hair to grow back, exactly?

About two weeks after your service, you might notice a tiny bit of hair growing in.  Three weeks will show a little more, and by the end of the fourth week most people are ready to come in for another service.  We recommend about three to four weeks in between your visits to maintain a consistent and (almost) painless waxing schedule.

How long does the hair have to be?

Most women will need to come in about two weeks (minimum of 10 days) after they stop shaving; this will ensure that the hair is long enough that we are able to remove as much of it as possible.