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Lindsay Cotham, Owner & Founder

⁣Lindsay is a certified skin care expert specializing in gentle and efficient waxing, lash extension, microdermabrasion, airbrush tanning, facials and peels. She is dedicated to educating her clients on skin functions, teaching them how to achieve their own, personal, skin health and making their skin beautiful.
All of Lindsay’s waxing services are performed in under 20-minutes. She applies a special and unique technique using Dermawax hard wax. This wax is gentle on the skin, yet efficient at removing stubborn and unwanted hair.
Peels & Microdermabrasion
Exfoliation is the key to achieving and maintaining healthy skin. By offering clinical and gentle peels, as well as Microdermabrasion using Organic Flower Grains, Lindsay’s services are personalized to the client’s skin-type and infinitely scalable in methods to address exfoliation concerns.
Lash Extension
Lindsay is a three-time certified expert in lash extension. Her product is durable and long lasting.
Airbrush Tanning
Lindsay offers an organic, skin-tone specific, airbrush tanning solution. Her method is a safe and easy way to achieve an even, healthy tan year-round.
Lindsay offers an effective approach to clinical skincare through the use of Botnia, Osea, Skyn Iceland, colorescience, all Good company, and blue ridge hemp organics products. These products, results-driven lines, achieve optimal results and skin health. Every product and service that Lindsay offers has been carefully and thoughtfully picked to maintain the health and integrity of the skin while offering visible results.
After 8 years of continual education, being a trainer herself and working in local shops, Lindsay felt the desire to open her own spa. She began looking for the perfect space where her customers can come to relax and nourish not only their skin, but mind and body. When a space opened on Johnson Avenue, she fell in love and took the leap. After two months of extensive remodeling, Spa Collective was born!⁣⁣

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